Back where her parents met!

This was a super fun session. Even though it was lightly misting and pretty foggy this morning we pushed through and met anyways. I have seen this sweet family for their past three visits and was excited to see how much Miss “A’ had grown but I was super excited to about this session because it took place in a town that is dear to my heart. My Grandparents lived here for my entire life and this is where both of my Grandmothers attended College. Needless to say I have spent lots of time walking/ riding my bike up and down these streets.  But little did I know this is where both of Miss “A”‘s parents attended college and met. As I placed then on the steps of the main girls dormitory Ingrid spoke up and said that she never imagined in her three years of living in this very building that she would be back and sitting on the top step with her precious family of three taking pictures. This is why I LOVE my job!

M o r e   i n f o